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The application of graphite increases in many industries around the world. Graphite is our specialty. We supply natural graphite based products and synthetic graphite based products. All of our products are based on graphite, some are related to refractory. Our products cover crucibles, stopper rod series, graphite products. 

We believe that service is so important as product. Our mission is to provide you with reliable products and effective service. Co-operate with us, you will experience efficient communication, competitive price, right product, fast delivery.

Graphite crucible, isostatic crucilbe, silicon carbide crucible, clay graphite crucible, crucible with hole, crucible with nozzle, crucible with spout, rectangle crucible
Stopper rod, nozzle, sleeve, brick cup, skid block, slide plate
Graphite crucible, graphite mold, graphite rod, graphite plate, graphite boat, graphite tray, graphite rotor, graphite launder, graphite blow pipe, graphite deslagging rake, copper casting mold, diamond tool sintering mold, diamond bit mold, diamond saw blade mold, diamond drill mold, graphite base plate, graphite bracket, graphite wheel gear,  graphite alloy, copper-impregnated graphite, antimony-impregnated graphite, stibium-impregnated graphite, silver-impregnated graphite, babbitt metal-impregnated graphite, phenolic resin-impregnated graphite, Furan resin- impregnated graphite, graphite seals, graphite ring, graphite bearing, carbon brush, graphite bushing, graphite stirring rod, graphite ingot mold, gold bead mold, coin mold, stamp mold, jewelry mold,  graphite heating element, graphite heater,graphite heater strip, graphite heating rod, graphite heating sleeve, graphite fastener, graphite bolt, graphite nut, graphite stud, graphite washer, graphite plate for fuel cell, graphite electrode plate, graphite blank plate, graphite Isomolded plate, graphite plate with flow fields, graphite baffle, graphite roller, graphite base plate, graphite bar, glass ornament mold, glass decoration mold, glass bead mold,  EDM graphite
graphite electrode, extrusion graphite, , vibration molding graphite,, compression molding graphite, and isostatic molding graphite, re-impregnated tri-baking graphite, fine grain graphite, coarse grain graphite, fine granule graphite, coarse granule graphite, high pure graphite, isostatic graphite

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